Be a man and Respect Women

Whether old or young, respect women

Whether old or young, respect women

It is sad to hear the events happening in Kenya of men stripping women in public for no valid reason. It is sad to see fear on the faces of most women in Nairobi. It is further saddening to hear that women in Nairobi now have pocket knives and weapons in their handbags to protect themselves, while many others are busy signing up for martial arts classes at the Japanese embassy.

Let me tell you why this wrong. Economically,  women play an important role in development and economic growth of a society. They need to feel secured and protected at all times. Men, STOP this gender based violence madness. In as much as these events are perpetrated by touts, the magnitude of disrespect shown to women is unacceptable and likely to push Kenya back in economic development and growth.

From a biblical point of view, purity starts in the mind and hearts of men. The outward expression of an impure mind and immoral heart is what we see in the form of rape, stripping women in public, men hooked on porn…etc.

So it does not matter whether it’s touts involved in these events, but as long men fail to conquer the battle of the mind, the cycle may never end. Every man has once had a perception of women that is nothing short of pervasive, but there are extents in which men may dare not go, if they are able to control their thoughts.

Will Smith once said “Boys laugh at what they put girls through, but they won’t be laughing as they wipe tears off their daughters faces for the same reason”

Women and girls need to be respected at all times. To all Kenyan men and particularly, those touts stripping women, BE A MAN AND RESPECT WOMEN.


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